Become a Marra – Join Friends of Durham Miners' Gala



The Durham Miners Gala returns on Saturday 9 July 2022 following the Covid-19 pandemic. The Gala is the world's greatest celebration of community values and working-class culture. Please see here for Gala day information.

For more than a century it was paid for by the working miners of the Durham Coalfield. It is their gift to us all.

Today, it is funded by our Marras, who make contributions throughout the year. Without the Marras, the Gala would not happen in any year. The costs of hosting our free event are rising every year. 

Please join us, become a Marra, and help ensure the Gala survives, and thrives, and is here to inspire generations to come. 

We welcome one-off donations of any size to help fund the Durham Miners Gala.

But if you become a Marra by signing up for £2 a month/ £24 a year or more, you will receive:

● A Marras card with your name on it by post within 21 days of signing up

● A Gala brochure ahead of the Durham Miners’ Gala

● Exclusive offers

● A 20 per cent discount on official Durham Miners Gala camping


Donate monthly Donate yearly


Chip in by making a one-off donation to the Gala fund.


One off donation


You can also get a year's gift subscription to Friends of Durham Miners' Gala and make your friend or loved one a Marra for just £24.


Gift subscription

Other ways to join:

You can download a Direct Debit mandate and return it to us via freepost, or send a cheque made payable to "Friends of Durham Miners' Gala", to the following address:

Freepost, RTKC-EALS-HJKK, Friends of the Durham Miners’ Gala, Miners’ Hall, Flass Street, Durham DH1 4BE



If you live outside the UK, you can still contribute in support of the Gala. To arrange, please email [email protected].


Thank you all for supporting the Durham Miners' Gala.